We provide a full framing service completed in our onsite workshop. Offering a huge range of imported and local frame mouldings, mats and inner frames, we can help you get it right for your wall space. Our computerised estimation process makes it easy to quickly estimate the cost for many possible options.

We are not limited to framing canvas, paper or fabric artworks, photos, mirrors or certificates. We also mount and frame your 3D treasures and memorabilia.

Helping you get it right through a process of elimination is what it is about and we recognise it takes time, which is why we have two qualified staff on hand to work with customers.

We use only the best mouldings and our glass comes from reputable suppliers. All our mats are acid free to ensure your art doesn't deteriorate over the years. Our cutting equipment is from Europe and uses the latest technology for a perfect finish every time.

Block Mounting can be a lower cost option to framing. This is where your paper art is pasted onto MDF board and coated with long lasting lacquer. The style is minimalist but it can look great on your wall.

Mat Cutting

We are often asked why we recommend including a mat around your artwork. The standard answer is that it provides protection by keeping the art and the glass separated, but to the Frame Shop staff we see it as something more.

It provides the opportunity to make your artwork stand out and look distinctive by adding depth and opening up more colour blending opportunities.

Professional mat cutting equipment provides the capability to present multiple artwork or items within a single frame while maintaining separation, and it doesn't have to be rectangular or square.

Corporate Framing

Being located in the CBD we have long experience in servicing corporate customers with a high quality and efficient service. Our framing services include the following:

  • Quality Accreditations
  • Mission Statements and Corporate Values
  • Employee Award
  • Health Certification
  • Building WOF
  • Practise certificates

It is well recognised that providing certificates of recognition still work well with valued employees, but going to the next step of providing them already framed increases the perceived value of the award and increases the likelihood of them being displayed..

We can also Block Mount your posters. Popular posters include health & safety messages, motivational statements, and memorable marketing inspirations.

Art Restoration

Art and memorabilia appreciate either in monetary value or sentimentality over the years. Unfortunately many of the materials used in framing in the past do not meet today's high standards and it takes a high level of expertise to recover the art to its original condition and then render it safe for future generations.

The Frame Shop is pleased to offer this service and can offer testimonial to many satisfied customers.

Hanging and Display Services

It used to be about banging a nail into the wall. However, the materials used in today's interior construction complicate it and we can verify this through the popularity of our frame and glass repair service. We have a range of specialised hanging devices that won't let you down and we can even recommend someone to come to your place to mount the display.

Through our Gallery and Exhibition services we have built up expertise in getting the balance and lighting correct to enhance your interior design through the use of art.


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