Stephen and Michelle Homer purchased the business originally established in the eighties in 2014 . Subsequently the front window displays onto Taranaki and Jessie Streets have attracted the attention of Wellingtonians as has its reputation for excellence in framing combinations.

Stephen was born in Dunedin, but attended Victoria University and worked in both Wellington and Auckland. Michelle was brought up in an environment of oil paint and easel with a very talented artist father in Hong Kong. In the past, Stephen and Michelle have lived in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Tokyo, where they and enjoyed much exposure to an interesting array of visual art. Their house in Wellington is another gallery, which over the years required a lot of framing !

Michelle has taken the Framing part of the business to another level with her flair for advising customers on the perfect combinations of moulding , matt and glass.  We also aim for perfection in all the stages as your artwork moves through our on-site workshop in the hands of very experienced and highly trained staff using the latest technology

Although there are only five of us it feels like so many more given all the additional services we are able to bring in and the spirit of cooperativeness we share with our many repeat customers. 


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